October 20, 2016
Kevin Yao
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An evening with React.js in the San Francisco office.

By Kevin Yao in Client Side Web, Events on October 20, 2016 |

React is taking the world by storm. It is now one of the most popular open-source libraries and the community is growing fast. At Expedia, we are always evaluating new technologies and React was a technology that many developers here got excited about as it matured. Therefore, in our first-ever evening meetup at our San Francisco office we presented the principles that made React so successful: declarative style, component-based architecture, and learn-once-write-anywhere strategy. We also talked about what made it tick with the developers working in today’s chaotic javascript world. To top it off we ended the presentation with a quick live-coding session to show newcomers React in action. The turnout was pretty amazing and we received great positive feedback for this tech talk. Based on the feedback we decided to also post the slides for your viewing pleasure. Definitely expect more similar events from us in the future! Enjoy!

Photo of Kevin in front of his slides, delivering his react.js talk.