October 11, 2017
Rohan Kulkarni
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Rimor – Let your tabs inspire your next vacation

By Rohan Kulkarni in Travel Technology on October 11, 2017 | Responses (1)

I wanted to share an fun idea that my team in Chicago worked on as an extension to our Hackathon idea from June this year.

It is called RIMOR By Expedia (Rimor is Latin for Explorer) and is a Chrome extension that will show you beautiful pictures with recommended cities and links to Expedia pages (Destination Experience pages) when you open new tab in your browser. It also provides capabilities to share the experience, favorite the cities that you like to visit later and checkout a new location. This is in service of our group motto, “Help people go places”.

Rimor is now available in the Chrome store. Add the extension, play with it, share it and provide feedback by emailing the feedback address on the store or commenting here. Keep in mind as a project of ExpediaLabs we’re not currently providing full, detailed support, but we are planning on adding features in the future and making sure it’s working well. If you run into problems please let us know.

Thanks and happy exploring!

Screenshot of a new tab showing a random destination

A sample of what your new tabs will look like.

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  • Greg Taylor - October 22, 2017

    Looks good. Consider adding states, particularly for US destinations.