November 26, 2017
Rob Meyer (@robfromca)
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re:Invent 2017 – Building High-Performing Cloud Teams

By Rob Meyer (@robfromca) in Cloud, Culture on November 26, 2017 | Responses (1)

Session: ENT217: Building High-Performing Cloud Teams

This session is a part of the Chalk Talk series at re:Invent where presenters team up to have a slide-lite, interactive discussion with attendees.  Matt will be presenting with Ian Falconer, Engagement Manager from AWS to talk about how to optimize your teams to take full advantage of the new capabilities provided by the cloud.

The hardest part about migrating to the cloud is often not the technical challenges themselves, but rather changing the culture to take full advantage of what it really means to be in the cloud. Bring your questions and participate in the discussion.

Matt has real world stories to tell from Expedia’s cloud migration process. The rapid change that is fueled by thinking of infrastructure as software challenges traditional delivery organizations. How do  you create the right kind of team with the right skillsets? How do you coordinate those teams together in a complex and fluid environment? Matt share thoughts about having a “practice of readiness” when forming cloud programs and teams. A practice of readiness implies that there is space for reaction, flexibility, change, evolution, experimentation, and asking questions.

Abstract: Building high-performing cloud teams is a challenge for most organizations. Moving to the cloud requires full lifecycle multidisciplinary teams that can learn fast and implement robust new capabilities quickly. Organizations maximize business when they can transform to the new cloud operating model quickly. The burden of operating multiple environments, change resistance, learning and unlearning, and the need to support experimentation and validation all conspire to stall and block cloud adoption. This session introduces patterns and antipatterns of interest to anyone managing, planning, and moving to a new cloud-normal operating model.

See the complete list of Expedia team members speaking at re:Invent 2017.

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  • Marcos - December 6, 2017

    Hello, did you have this presentation on web ?